Built Green™

Feel great about where you live. One of the first Built Green™ communities in the M.D. of Foothills, Green Haven Estates & Developments promotes the use of sustainable products and practices that consider the environment around us—including a thoughtful and resource-efficient construction process.

Residents will enjoy multiple wet ponds and striking ravines that highlight the gorgeous natural beauty of the area. The community design takes advantage of the true lay of the land by offering expansive lots that back onto community ponds, open spaces, and the escarpment—so you can enjoy being friendly to the environment, along with your incredible views.

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Water Treatment

Green Haven Estates & Developments boasts its own on-site water treatment system to treat the residential water supply, sourced from two wells. This carefully designed system will minimize the development’s impact on existing community water systems.

Water samples are tested weekly, for the utmost in quality. The water treatment plant is monitored 7 days a week by a water operator, and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by remote computer interface. Feel good about lowering your impact while resting assured that your home is fully serviced.

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Dark Skies Initiative

The Dark Sky Initiative is an effort made by government and non-government organizations to put into place guidelines, policies, and educative materials that will minimize light pollution. Light pollution disrupts global wildlife and ecological balance, while astronomers and scientists have linked it to negative consequences in human health.

Pursuant to the MD of Foothills’ by-law, which seeks to minimize light pollution, Green Haven Estates & Developments is utilizing outdoor design features to meet and exceed the expectations of the by-law. Living in Green Haven Estates & Developments means enjoying the starry sky—amongst the rest of the natural beauty that surrounds your home.

Awe-inspiring Views. Remarkable Design.

Come live where you can breathe.

With designs that take the spotlight, Green Haven Estates & Developments and its award-winning builders help you create a modern and comprehensive space that exudes quality and character. Your exclusive Green Haven Estates & Developments design team provides direction that result in architectural harmony and continuity throughout Green Haven Estates & Developments, without limiting the opportunities for variety and creativity in individual designs.

Green Haven Estates & Developments embraces traditional architectural styles while encouraging coherent adaptations that utilize modern day features and conveniences.

Lots for sale in Okotoks
Lots for sale in Okotoks
Lots for sale in Okotoks

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