Your Guide to Buying an Acreage in Alberta

Your Guide to Buying an Acreage in Alberta


Buying an acreage in Alberta is something that many people consider as they enter retirement. The low population density of Alberta, combined with its rich natural resource base, means that the province has one of the lowest cost-of-living rates in Canada. It’s the perfect time to check out lots for sale in Okotoks


Moreover, Alberta is also one of the last provinces that do not collect provincial sales tax. The combination of good quality land at lower than average prices has many retirees heading to the province with an acreage purchase on their minds.

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Advantages of Buying Acreages in Okotoks

Acreages are a great thing to own if you love country life. There are many benefits of owning an acreage in Alberta if you have a family, a farm or love the great outdoors. You are less likely to depend on others for entertainment when you have your own acreage.


Acreages are great for family gatherings, birthday parties, or even wedding ceremonies. They are also great places to raise children because there is a lot of space, and the children will be less likely to get in trouble.


Acreages are great spaces for keeping farm animals such as horses, pigs, or sheep. They can be a great way to provide your family with food and money when you may not have any other options at the time.


The options for purchasing can include buying directly from a landowner or buying from an acreage/farm realtor. 


The advantages of purchasing direct are numerous, including potentially lower prices, more land size and location options, and more involvement in the purchase process that some people may desire. However, several disadvantages must be considered when choosing to buy directly.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Lot in Alberta

Firstly, it is essential to have all the legal issues sorted out in advance. Some necessary items include ensuring that there are no easements or covenants on the land that may restrict what you can do with your land. Ensuring that if there is a mortgage attached to the property, either the mortgage has been paid in full or you deal directly with the mortgage company to buy the property; also, making sure there are no legal restrictions on who can live on the land.


If you plan to buy land to improve it (for instance, if you plan on building a cottage), then every situation will be different. It is essential to deal directly with an attorney to protect your interests. It is also important to note that you will not have any recourse if you discover after purchasing that something is wrong with the property or if it does not meet your expectations. For example, after the purchase, if you find out that the property is not zoned for livestock, there is no legal remedy.


Alternatively, purchasing property through an acreage realtor may protect against these issues; however, this method is not without potential problems. The large majority of land in Alberta is bought through realtors. Finding a property that a realtor has not listed can be challenging. Furthermore, listings on MLS are usually not updated regularly; if an offer is on the table, it may not be reflected in the MLS listing. This situation is problematic, particularly when trying to close a purchase quickly to take advantage of an attractive interest rate.


With all these factors to consider, hiring professional help will ensure you get the property that best matches your needs while protecting yourself from the many pitfalls that come with purchasing land.


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